Hey, Mr. [Film] Producer!
Find out what a film producer does to ensure that the films that you want to watch come to life

Feature and Short Films - What's the Difference?
We find out the differences between short and feature films besides the duration of the films

Youth Tastemakers: Grace Ciao
Find out how business student-turned-fashion illustrator Grace Ciao started incorporating real flower petals into her illustrations

What we're looking forward to see at The O.P.E.N
Check out some of the events at The O.P.E.N we're really excited to see!

Shop to your heart's content at *SCAPE!
Check out some of the best GSS promotions we have at *SCAPE.

The Importance of Sound in films
Learn why sound design and effects are so important in films and learn more in Kazz Sato's upcoming workshop

5 things you may not know about Sheppard
Think you know Sheppard really well? Here are some tidbits about them you may not have known

Matt Siegel thinks competition in the film industry is high
*SCAPE finds out more about Director of Photography Matt Siegel and the film industry in our short interview with him
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